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Holiday Makeup Trends

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I wanted to touch base on something I haven’t showcased enough on my site. I am talking about makeup, specifically makeup trends as we arrive into our busy holiday season. I am so excited about the types of looks I am seeing already!

There are a few specific looks that are classic yet bold. I wanted to touch-base on one weekly so you all had some ideas on what to wear. Everyone can rock this look flawlessly, no matter what age. You can always adjust any technique and product to your liking as well.

First, I want to talk about a dark vampy lip. It’s not just for the fall season anymore. This bold look is going to be a hit at your holiday party this season! What I love about it is that it can play up the simplicity of the look you are already wearing.

Here are some of my favorite dark lip colors. As a side-note and disclaimer, I am not paid to talk about any of these products listed below. These are my 100% honest and personal opinions. The products listed below range from low to high end. They look good on everybody, even pale skin (Guilty as charged. I have a super fair complexion).

  • NYX “Transylvania” Matte Lip Cream
  • NYX Vancouver Matte Lip Cream
  • MAC Cosmetics “Nightmoth” Lip Pencil
  • MAC Cosmetics “Currant” Lip Pencil
  • Urban Decay’s “Blackmail” lipstick and pencil
  • Kat Von D’s “Vampira” Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills “Sadgirl” Liquid Lipstick

If you are a little nervous about wearing a dark lipstick, try a dark sheer lipstick, lip tint, lip gloss, or lip balm!

Clinique’s “Black Honey” line would be fantastic for you!

Here is how I personally love to apply this look to myself!

  1. Always start with CLEAN and MOISTURIZED skin to achieve the flawless base you want. (The glowy, fresh skin look is always ON TREND)
  2. Apply foundation primer if needed. You want your foundation to last all night long during those parties!
  3. Apply your foundation. It can be any foundation you absolutely love!
  4. Conceal! Correct any imperfections (discolorations, acne) and brighten up those under-eyes so you look alert and awake! You can also use a lighter concealer to highlight.
  5. Sculpt and shape your face with highlighting/contouring colors that are suitable to you.
  6. Prime those eyelids! Keep those oils are bay so your shadows have longer staying power and vibrancy.
  7. Neutralize your eyelids with an eyeshadow that is close to your skin color.
  8. Add definition to your CREASE with a brown eyeshadow of your choice. I recommend a brown that is a few shades darker than your actual skin one to create depth.
  9. Blend those shadows so there are no harsh lines. Super important for any look!
  10. Apply eyeliner if you so chose.
  11. Apply a couple coats of your favorite mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Wiggle, wiggle!
  12. Define those brows with a pomade, brow powder, or brow pencil.
  13. Blush is optional. If you like it, add it to that gorgeous face ☺
  14. Apply a lip liner that is close to your dark lipstick color.
  15. Apply a dark lipstick.
  16. Clean up edges with your concealer if you accidently make a mistake. Dark lips need 100% of your attention 😉

I hope you all enjoy creating this look. If you don’t play around with makeup much and want to try this look, do not be discouraged. Practice makes perfect! I know it’s such a cliché saying but it is the truest statement I have ever heard in my life! I wouldn’t be where am I today if I didn’t constantly try to improve myself. You will perfect your look in no time. I promise! Sit in front of your mirror and have some fun! If any of you have questions, concerns, or need more recommendations, please feel free to contact me. If you want to book me to apply or teach you on how to do this look, my service prices are listed in the above menu.

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